Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review of Address Unknown by a Young Reader

        I recently received a very thoughtful review of my book Address Unknown from a young reader. Her comments show her to be a caring individual and a good indication that we won't go wrong by placing hope and confidence in her generation. Below is her review.

My Review of Address Unknown, by Charles Warren

        Mr. Warren's book Address Unknown was great! I read it in about 1 to 1 1/2 days, it was that interesting!
        I like to read books that you could say are 'real world' type themes, like things that happen in the world today, which is why I loved Address Unknown! I think it was a great theme to write about.

        I am going to be completely honest, I loved the book, but the beginning wasn't boring, not at all, it wasn't like nothing happened, but not much did. I understand that you needed to portray Marshall, Mindy, and
their Mother homeless, and that they will only be homeless for five weeks, and that they needed to keep it a secret.

        The part of the book when things were happening, like when Crystal stayed on Marshall, repeatedly asking things like when she could see his new house, got me thinking, and got me excited for the rest of the book. But during the beginning, in my point of view, anyway, is that what happened mainly in the beginning was a sort of routine, maybe? That is my only negative comment, the rest of which I loved!

        Being 12 years of age, I have begun to understand many forms of crisis' in our world, such as homelessness, and things like that. I think it is important for people to be aware of homelessness, whether it be just knowing about it, or deciding to start food drives, donate money, or even if you are homeless for a temporary period of time, to stay calm, not panic, and to realize hundreds of thousands of people deal with this sort of thing every day!

        Like I said, I like to read about things that can happen in our world, so this book I particularly enjoyed.

        All over all, I think you did an excellent job creating this book! I love it, and I am sure other kids like me will enjoy this book also.



(P.S. Thanks for signing my and my sisters copy of your great book!)