Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Address Unknown Available on Kindle

Address Unknown, my novel about the struggles of a homeless student is now available for Kindle and many other eReaders through

Praise for Address Unknown:
“Right on target with what homeless students and families go through.”
       Dee Dee Wright, Homeless Liaison for Students in Polk County, Florida

 "A compassionate and engrossing story about homelessness in America. Its vivid descriptions bring each character and scene to life, helping the reader to experience some of the pain and anxiety the homeless endure. I highly recommend 'this read'!!
    Ms. Joyce K. Viscusi, MA, 28 years in education.

 This novel will help promote awareness and empathy for an ever growing problem that families often keep secret due to shame and fear.  It is a great story and a timeless social commentary for students, teachers, and community members.
Bernice S. Warren, Elementary School Counselor for 30 years, National Board Certified

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